We are young and rapidly developing internet platform channelled towards businesses active on meat trading market. Our team, consisting of experts with years of experience from all branches of meat trading and most promising web engineers, have managed to create a unique in european scale bussiness solution. Service for the most demanding clients.
            We present to our Clients access to wide database of offers selected specifically for the needs of their business. Our main and only focus is meat market, we do not accept offers from other markets. By opening an account on eMeat.pl You gain access to new clients and widen Your pool of potential business partners.
              Our innovative service will allow You to save what's most important in business - time. On our portal Users don't have to write their own offers - we do it for them basing on their e-mail offers. There's also no need for time consuming browsing of hundreds offers - every day we send You a selection of offers You'd be intrested in based on Your profile.

            Thanks to combining our innovative approach and rich experience we can create profiles tailored to their needs and preferences of our customers. From hundreds of offers in our database we will select ones You would be interested in so You don't have to. As we keep our database up to date at all times You will be informed on any new offers the moment they are registered in our system! Additionally every day we send a summary of offers we selected for You previous day.

            With our service Your work will become quicker, easier and more pleasant than ever!

            We are looking forward to doing business with You.
eMeat.pl Team